Our core values


Loving and Nurturing

Christian values are integrated in our programme and daily practice. Children’s spiritual, physical and emotional well-being are nurtured.

We encourage Christian values and beliefs. We provide a warm, safe, supportive and encouraging environment for children to learn and grow holistically. Our kindergarten is a not-for-profit organisation so you can rest assured that your children are our priority.


Commitment to Excellence

LovingCare has dedicated, professional staff with great teacher to child ratios and a stimulating environment.

All our teachers are qualified and committed to ongoing training and development to ensure your child receives an excellent start to their education. Our aim is to make learning a fun and exciting journey and to build on children’s personal strengths and interests.


The uniqueness of each child is celebrated. Respect for yourself, other people and the environment is central to what we do.

We are a multicultural centre which values and celebrates diversity. We acknowledge and support the children’s first language and cultures. Our teachers speak five different languages including Mandarin and Hindi. As a member of the Enviroschool’s programme, we teach children to respect themselves, the environment and their planet.


Community and Family Spirit

Close connections to the families and the local communities are valued.

Our small, friendly kindergarten has a loving family feel. We encourage parents involvement and aspirations. We believe that connections to the community are important for developing and nurturing strong children and strong families.