Cooking and baking is a favorite activity at LovingCare. The children regularly use the produce they have grown in the garden for cooking or baking. We are happy to share of our healthy and tasty recipes with you.

Another baking request from our children at LovingCare. We used the strawberry muffins recipe and turned it into a cake. It was good that we had some frozen strawberries in the freezer. Some morning children helped to put the ingredients into a bowl and took turns to mix them up. The smell of the baking was very nice. We had the strawberry cake for our morning tea. The taste of the cake was just ‘delicious’ (commented a child)

We had been given a big pumpkin by one of our LovingCare families and we used half of it to make pumpkin muffins for our Mother’s Day special morning tea last week. This week, the children helped to make pumpkin pancakes by using the rest of it. Thank you for the big pumpkin!