School Readiness

We work together with families and local schools to provide a smooth transition to primary school for our children. Four year old children go on weekly nature walks to assist with teaching them road safety, problem solving, independence, responsibility, confidence and a love for nature. Every two weeks the Waitakere City library bus visits us to allow the older children to choose books. This develops early literacy and encourages a love of books. Children who are allowed to choose their own subjects of interest develop healthy attitudes to learning. We also take children to visit a neighbouring school to familiarize themselves with the classroom environment.

We had children and teachers dressed up in traditional or national clothes on our Cultural Dress Up Day. It was great to share each other’s culture. One of the teachers brought in Chinese harp for the children to try. A clown came and visited us at mat time too! In the afternoon, the children had a chance to show their dance moves on the stage. It was a great day! ^^

Amby the ambulance came to visit the children. The children learnt about different emergency services. We pretended to be policemen/women, firefighters, and ambulance officers. We learnt to ring 111 for help. One of the teachers pretended to have a bad accident on a skateboard. Amby the ambulance came to the rescue and the children helped to fix her up! The children learnt about some equipment on the ambulance too.