Christian Values

The Christian values of respect, caring and love provide a safe, warm, encouraging and secure environment in which your child will happily grow from strength to strength. LovingCare Kindergarten aims to provide a Quality Education with a Heart.

Children are Natural Learners

They explore, experiment, discover, examine and test boundaries instinctively. Our job is to encourage, support and develop that built-in curiosity.

Every Child is Unique and Special

We treasure and celebrate their individuality, culture, abilities, interests, strengths and gifts.

Building Strong Relationships

Happy, confident and relaxed children are the result of strong, healthy, secure relationships.

Stimulating Environment

A setting rich with challenges, experiences, surprises and exciting activities is fundamental to extending children’s learning.


LovingCare Kindergarten was established by the Auckland Christian Mandarin Church in 1999.

LovingCare is a not-for-profit kindergarten set up to serve the local community and families with young children. LovingCare is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education and is run by a Governing committee consisting of the Chairperson, Centre Manager and the Assistant Centre Manager, teachers and representatives, members of the church and parent representatives. All parents and caregivers are invited to attend Committee meetings and become involved.


We are licenced for 30 children per session, aged 2 to 5 years.