As a Christian centre we wish to operate in a sustainable way that does not adversely impact on our world. Our ongoing goal is to develop a learning environment that is well resourced to support the children’s education without harming our planet. We officially became part of the Enviroschools Programme in March 2016. The children learn about the environment, recycling, waste minimization and using natural resources in their play. We want to show them that what they do and the decisions they make affect the planet.

Birds find it hard to find food at the end of winter so we have set up our donated bird feeder (Thank you Janet !). The children decided that was best to put it in the Genesis Garden, so we wouldn’t scare the birds. Everybody helped to fill it up and pointed to where they wanted it in the tree. The next day, we made a special bird observation house. Some of the boys helped trim the bamboo and everyone helped to carry it to the site. After the teacher tied it to the fence, some of the children helped peg the material on. We cut out windows to look through. We had a bird identification chart, so we knew the names of the birds we saw. We even put a cushion in the house to make it comfortable.

Teacher was talking to the children about what food animals like to eat. She said that some birds don’t like seeds that much , some birds like to eat fruit. So we fixed the little bird house and made it into a fruit feeder. First we hammered some nails in to the bottom to stick the fruit on. Then we got some fruit and squashed it down onto the nails. Then we put it up in the tree next to our seed feeder. Our birds will have lots of yummy food ! We have seen some of the birds carrying grass and twigs in their beaks. They are starting to build their nests. We decided to help them out by providing a nest building basket. We got some bird netting and threaded some string around the edge. Then we put in some fine wood shavings, some bits of wool and the fluffy stuff from around swan plant seeds. Then we pulled the string tight and put some small branches through the basket so the birds had something to land on. Some of the children helped teacher put our nest building basket in the tree for the birds to find. We are looking after our birds in the Genesis Garden.

One of the teachers was pruning our oak tree. There were lots of sticks on the ground. The children gathered them up and made a camp fire. Then they got sticks to toast pretend marshmallows and sausages. Sometimes the fire went out and they had to rub two sticks together to make it go again. We also had to put more sticks on the fire to keep it going. We had to be careful with our marshmallows because they got very hot and we had to blow on them to cool them down. Some of the girls made a separate fire too.