ASB St John in Schools

  • Date & Time
    • September 14, 2017
  • Venue

    LovingCare Kindergarten

Our programme for kindergartens and preschools has been revitalised and rebranded and is now known as ASB St John in Schools.
St John has delivered a first aid and ambulance awareness programme to schools and preschools throughout New Zealand for some 18 years (formerly Safe Kids). In that time hundreds of thousands of kiwi kids have benefited through learning how to manage in an emergency.

• Our aim is to reinforce and add to children’s knowledge of emergency services and to increase their confidence in interacting with those services.
• Elements of the Te Whaariki preschool curriculum have been incorporated into the programme.
• Our Educators provide their own resources. We need a space to work with the children and appreciate your in-class support during the delivery of the programme.
• Our St John in Schools Educators are experienced at delivering fun, interactive learning sessions. If you have a particular perspective you wish us to focus on, we are happy to help.
• Lesson time is about 45 mins, depending on group needs, size and age range.
• The preschool programme is ideal for children from 3½ – 5 years.

“Friendly, relevant, interesting”
“The children could relate to the information… the visual aids captured their interest”

The lesson covers

Looking at the emergency services: Ambulance, fire & police

We use photos and discussion so that children understand the different roles of each service and can identify the different vehicles.

Keeping safe

What special clothing do the ambulance crew wear and why? Children look at and try on items of safety clothing, looking at the colours and talking about safety.

Our Ambulance

Using games, questions and our model ambulance (with a real siren and lights) we get children to explore why lights and sirens are used and learn what they need to do. We further explore the role of the ambulance, ambulance officers and the equipment children may interact with in an emergency.


Introducing “Rachel and Sam”

We finish with a read aloud interactive story exploring an emergency attended by Paramedic Rachel in her ambulance and Sam. This brings together what the children have learned during the session.

Our new logo and mascots

Rachel and Sam are the new mascots for St John in Schools and can be seen in our logo.

Having Rachel, a paramedic, and Sam, as a young child, reinforces a concept of teamwork and partnership.
They encourage children to recognise emergencies, seek help and provide valuable first aid while reducing the fear and anxiety for children when faced with an emergency situation.
Our model ambulance continues to support Rachel and Sam. He’s had a makeover and is now proudly wearing the new St John Ambulance colours.


This service is provided on a donation basis. The suggested donation is $2 per child. St John is a not for profit organisation and whilst we do appreciate every donation we receive, please ensure no child misses out due to non- payment.

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